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LaiLa Infiniti MirOku
Founder & CEO

“After nearly 15 years working in the skin care industry, I’ve tried a lot of skincare products and face oils specifically. Rawdeo Drive’s FACEfully is absolutely one of my favorites. The scent is clean but also calming and mesmerizing, the texture is rich and luxurious but it doesn’t feel thick at all. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling plump and glowy.

Knowing that the ingredients are of the highest purity and nutritional quality makes it even more lovable. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Genevieve F

Owner of Secret Beauty Artistry + Aesthetics, Licensed Aesthetician and Natural Skin Care Enthusiast

Being a major coffee drinker always concerned me, given the dehydration to my skin. I had not been able to give it up until I tried this amazing new product called SuperPowers Cophee.

This amazing drink is packed with designer-quality ingredients. It’s totally yummy, both hot and cold. I feel so much better putting these quality ingredients into my body, especially so early in the morning. I no longer reach for traditional coffee!

As a master colorist and Regional Educator for Goldwell NY, I am always on the run with early shoots and late-night seminars. If it wasn’t for my SuperPowers Cophee, I don’t know where I would be!

I also love using RAWdeo Drive’s FACEfully oil, truly my go-to moisturizer any time of the day, whenever I need a good boost.

I am super excited to have discovered these fantastic products! From the gorgeous packaging to the amazing ingredients, and most importantly, how I feel using them… these products are now a part of my every day.

Thank you, RAWdeo Drive!

Donnamarie B

Regional Artist, Goldwell, NY

I was hesitant at first to use oil on my skin as it tends to breakout. I am glad I listened to FACEfully’s creator, LaiLa Miroku, when she said the right face oil can actually help balance my combination skin. She was right – I have far fewer breakouts than prior to using FACEfully!

For me, FACEfully is effective moisturization. It doesn’t lay on top of my skin with a heavy, waxy feel; the oil sinks right in and has an amazing skin-comforting texture. FACEfully has returned moisture, balance and life to my skin! It is key in my skin regimen. Thank you for creating this perfect formula!

Jess C

Vice President, Operations, DRH, Inc., NY

I love, love, love FACEfully! The fabulous, organic oils in this formula are so nourishing and healing for my skin. My skin feels softer and smoother, and the scent is delightful!

Makeup goes on smoother too, but I love days when I can put it on and just let it soak in all day. I am constantly touching my smooth skin on “no makeup” days. And, best of all, the tiny bumps I experience on my face from cancer (and other) medications are controlled by FACEfully! No more picking
at my face and adding to my stress from medication side effects.

I feel pretty again!

What’s not to LOVE?!

Kim W

Founder of One in a Zillion, Platform for Leukemia Survivors

2 drops and that was it!  I rubbed the palm of my hands together and applied BEARDfully to my face after a shave and WOW!  

My skin never felt this way except after a 60-minute facial.  

It is glowing, pleasant to the touch.  

The combination and purity of the oils in BEARDfully has a heavenly aroma that stayed with me all day. It’s like my own little secret.

Just 2 drops of this magic BEARDfully…Brava!

Michel Azran

Fashion Innovator to the Rock Stars, Skin Clothes

The SuperPowers Cophee from RAWdeo Drive made me feel awesome for the rest of my day!

I normally drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day and it doesn’t affect me much. When I added SuperPowers Cophee to one cup of coffee, tons of natural energy kicked in and I felt like I could take on the world!

I highly recommend it, whether you’re looking to kick your coffee habit, or kick your coffee habit up a notch!

Molly Lins

Photographer, Molly Lins Photography

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