Life Changer

1 Week. Max Intensity. Total OverhauL!

Is the LifeChanger right for me?

Full Reset

This is for people ready to do a 180. It’s time to tear it down and rebuild stronger!

Not Boring

This will not be bland – you will feel RAW passion for living a full, healthy life!


Laila infuses your life with magic from 8a-6p for 5 days straight. This will rOck your worLd!


It’s like getting all of this in one package:


With a comprehensive health history review and new plan for your life, RAWdeo health coaching is like having a nutritionist with you!

Meal Prep

You get meal prep for a week! Meal plans and cooking tips included! This will lay the foundation for you going forward.

Personal Trainer

Get an exercise program tailored to your needs and get shown proper form – by certified personal trainer and RAWdeo partner, Johnny!


Your new lifestyle needs a new wardrobe to reflect the new you! Having fashionista LaiLa around is like getting a personal stylist for a week!

Home Detoxifying

While detoxing your life, you’ll get a detox of your home! Your home will feel brand new to accompany the new you! You’ll feel more at home with your new life.

Personal Shopper

Enjoy grocery store and home goods trips with LaiLa to guide you! By end of week, you get to show her what you’ve learned about shopping properly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will LaiLa Come to My City?

Yes, this will be arranged. It’s part of the reason we can’t list a price, as the cost will be different depending on the city.

If you’re in Nashville or New York, it will be easier as accommodations in those cities won’t be necessary.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 14 days of purchase as long as plane tickets have not been purchased.

What special bonuses do I get?

RAWdeo offers two very special products: SuperPowers Coffee and Calcium Tea.

Both are recommended for all clients and as such, LifeChanger clients receive 10% OFF these products for LIFE!

RAWdeo coaching also includes 1 year of The OM (Online Membership) for FREE ($250 value)!



What are we going to do?

In short: Overhaul your life.

More details: It’ll be tailored to you after initial consultation.

We’ll deep dive into every aspect of your daily life and modify anything that isn’t optimized for bringing out the absolute best version of you! Will it be painful? Probably. But when you go through the pain instead of avoiding it, you come out MUCH stronger!

Can I keep Laila forever?

Unfortunately, no. You can, however, keep in touch with her forever!

You’ll get access to LaiLa through the site (The OM), but also after your LifeChanger week, you’ll have monthly voice check-ins with Laila to keep you on track!

Get In Touch

If you have more questions, please drop us a line below!